Tourism Industry in China

Make the tourism industry in China to become a pillar of the economy with reforms of tourist facilities and international cooperation: currently, 10.2% of total employment in the country is related to the tourism sector.

It is the premier Li Keqiang, during the First World Conference on Tourism Development held in Beijing on May 19, to affirm the importance of tourism to the Chinese economy as it represents a new driving force, besides being a trade bridge with the rest of the world. The tourist industry accounts for a part of the efforts to advance structural reforms, especially those relating to the offer. The Chinese government has paid much attention to tourism enacting a series of laws and regulations to promote its development, aiming for its strategic position in the economy and industry of modern services. « Further results and improvements will be in the field of tourism infrastructure so that visitors can enjoy the best of a trip to China, » said the premier. The government’s plan is to help 12 million people out of poverty by the state within five years, thanks to the development of the tourism industry, and so far the employment opportunities created by the tourism and related industries came to 10.2 % the country’s total employment.

Li Keqiang stressed the importance of collaboration with other nations, for example on projects such as the simplification of procedures for visas and protected the interests of tourists. China for the next five years is committed to carrying out 50 projects in tourism with international cooperation, to help the global economic recovery.

The data provided by the Agency on Ctrip first quarter of 2016 are very positive regarding the tourist entrances in China, a market that grew by 10.9% in this period. The National Tourism Administration expects about 137 million visits to China this year, a 2.5% more than in 2015. The inbound international tourism is on the rise and will reach 6.5% higher, with expenses to save around 107 billion. It is for China’s second consecutive year of growth of inbound tourism market.

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