Surf, escalade ou marche à pieds ? Le hit parade des sports les plus dangereux de l’été.

Bon nombre de personnes pratiquent des activités physiques ou sportives inhabituelles pendant l’été. Bien amusants qu’ils peuvent paraitre, il est toujours mieux être prudents. Raison pour laquelle les risques d’accidentologie sont particulièrement élevés pendant cette saison de l’année dont certains sports reconnus en sont les causes principales.

Maxime Bilodeau, kinésithérapeute et animateur d’un site de réflexion sur le sport haut niveau affirme que la marche à des fins d’exercice est la plus susceptible d’occasionner des dangers chez une personne. Toutefois, il faut aussi noter que pour les sports comme le football, la plongée en apnée ou encore le saut extrême, les responsables de santé ont retenu des accidents courants comme les traumatismes d’ordre musculosquelettique d’apres un avis

En effet, les sports extrêmes sont des jeux particulièrement intenses, qui accumulent la fatigue, et qui impliquent des brusques changements de direction. Comme le football, le rugby, le basket-ball, le foot ball américain font partie de ces sports qui exigent plus sur le plan physiologique car le corps tout entier de la personne est mis en rude épreuve.

Cependant, il y a également ces types de sport extrême comme la plongée en apnée ou le saut extrême qui présentent de manière permanente des risques qui échappent au contrôle du sauteur, et cela peu importe la préparation ou la planification réalisée avant de le pratiquer. L’incertitude et la prise de risque des gens font alors des motifs importants des accidents dangereux qui peuvent même être mortels dans la pratique de ces sports pendant l’été. A tous, prudence à priori car ces activités qui sont censées vous apporter du plaisir peuvent parfois vous être fatale dans le cas où vous minimisez les précautions nécessaires à prendre.


Tourism Industry in China

Make the tourism industry in China to become a pillar of the economy with reforms of tourist facilities and international cooperation: currently, 10.2% of total employment in the country is related to the tourism sector.

It is the premier Li Keqiang, during the First World Conference on Tourism Development held in Beijing on May 19, to affirm the importance of tourism to the Chinese economy as it represents a new driving force, besides being a trade bridge with the rest of the world. The tourist industry accounts for a part of the efforts to advance structural reforms, especially those relating to the offer. The Chinese government has paid much attention to tourism enacting a series of laws and regulations to promote its development, aiming for its strategic position in the economy and industry of modern services. « Further results and improvements will be in the field of tourism infrastructure so that visitors can enjoy the best of a trip to China, » said the premier. The government’s plan is to help 12 million people out of poverty by the state within five years, thanks to the development of the tourism industry, and so far the employment opportunities created by the tourism and related industries came to 10.2 % the country’s total employment.

Li Keqiang stressed the importance of collaboration with other nations, for example on projects such as the simplification of procedures for visas and protected the interests of tourists. China for the next five years is committed to carrying out 50 projects in tourism with international cooperation, to help the global economic recovery.

The data provided by the Agency on Ctrip first quarter of 2016 are very positive regarding the tourist entrances in China, a market that grew by 10.9% in this period. The National Tourism Administration expects about 137 million visits to China this year, a 2.5% more than in 2015. The inbound international tourism is on the rise and will reach 6.5% higher, with expenses to save around 107 billion. It is for China’s second consecutive year of growth of inbound tourism market.

Daxue Consulting consolidates its strength by having several project managers in China

When it comes to establishing a presence in the Chinese market, it is also essential to take into account the different elements and options that can be offered to you, but which can also greatly influence your entry into the market. Daxue Consulting then proposes to carry out the research, studies and analyzes that you will need for the creation or the expansion of your company in China. Real experts in their field, each member of the Daxue Consulting team is at your disposal to give you the best and most reliable results.

Experienced project managers in China at your disposal

At Daxue Consulting, to ensure customer satisfaction, the number of project managers was doubled. If there were only about 15 project managers in its offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Beijing today, there are about thirty of them, ready to give you complete satisfaction. Project managers integrated into a specific corporate culture and who have chosen to apply a multi-methodology approach to each project, methodologies that are most effective and have brought the happiness of nearly one hundred clients Since the creation of the company in 2009. At Daxue Consulting, its project managers offer you a processing time perhaps long enough for customers, on average 4 to 6 months, but which is essential for a More thorough treatment of each project to provide you with the best, high quality and most reliable results. The company is also recruiting a specialized profile by sector and industry in order to be able to compose the best teams possible. For each project, whatever its nature and scope, a team composed of senior project managers, two project managers and field assistants is dedicated. With project managers at the top of each team, the company provides them with training that they regularly follow, training in all fields and for all sectors. Daxue Consulting is thus your best ally to guarantee a better entry as well as your development in the Chinese market.
A more personal relationship to do business in China
Daxue Consulting is at your disposal to give you all information regarding the implementation of your project in the Chinese market, whatever its nature. However, particularly in China, it must be understood that business relations are not the same as in the West. Indeed, if you have always believed that emotions are to be separated directly from the reasons during a negotiation, in China the situation turns out to be much more complex. If you want to have a share of the Chinese market, you will need to take into account the fact that establishing a more meaningful and even lasting relationship is the basis for the development of your trade in the country. Known as Guanxi, this form of client-provider relationship is a kind of relationship set, within which a person can get more responses to a request or service. A kind of relationship that begins in the family, then friends and relatives to continue in professional relationships. Thus, Guanxi would be an informal and situational report, because what it should include and understand is particularly context-specific. Then, there is also talk of reciprocity, a service by calling another one, you will return one day or the other the service that you have rendered to a person in China. Moreover, its greatest advantage in the business sector is its cumulative nature, because the more services and favors you will render, the more confidence will grow in you and your protagonist. This creates a long-term relationship.